unCommon Authors, an Author Video Series: TOTAL GARBAGE by Edward Humes

By Coll Rowe | April 22 2024 | College & University ReadsAll-School ReadsCommunity Reads

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unCommon Authors
unCommon Authors is a monthly video series highlighting exceptional and
unique authors talking about their books.


Total Garbage is an investigative narrative that dives into the waste embedded in our daily lives—and shows how individuals and communities are making a real difference for health, prosperity, quality of life and the fight against climate change, by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Edward Humes.



Total Garbage
How We Can Fix Our Waste and Heal Our World

Total Garbage will shine a light on the absurdity of the systems that all of us use daily and take for granted—and it will help both individuals and communities make meaningful changes toward better lives and a cleaner, greener world.