One Read for Racial Justice with DREAM COUNTRY

By Trevor Ingerson | September 19 2018 | Community Reads

A story across countries, generations, and time, Dream Country follows one single African-and-American family pursuing an elusive dream of freedom from Liberia to America and back. Told in five different sections, Shannon Gibney spins a riveting tale of the nightmarish spiral of death and exile connecting America and Africa, and of how one determined young dreamer tries to break free and gain control of her destiny.

With four starred reviews, this critically acclaimed novel has been buzzed about by critics and educators alike. Even before the book was published, it was selected for St. Catherine Universities’ One Read for Racial Justice program. When asked why Dream Country was selected for the program, Amy Mars, who is the Research, Instruction, & Outreach Librarian at St. Catherine’s, had this to say:

“Dream Country was chosen for our One Read for Racial Justice because Shannon’s story artfully explores themes of identity, race, colonialism, diaspora and the ongoing African-African American encounter, while intersecting with many learning goals of our core curriculum, and serving as a catalyst for much needed conversations across difference & discipline. There simply isn’t another story quite like this and we are so thrilled to have an opportunity to showcase the exceptional work of our local, women of color literary community.”

Bustle raves that Dream Country is “a vast and epic tale that explores racism, slavery, war, refugees, immigration, and what it means to be African-American as a whole.”  The hardcover edition of the book does come with discussion questions to help facilitate book groups or common read discussions around the vast array of themes the book covers. Join St. Catherine’s and share Dream Country with your school today.